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Privacy and Site Management Policies

The subscriber list for FDA Matters is confidential. It will not be sold; it will not be lent; and no one will be allowed to peek. In particular, FDA employees may sign-up to receive blogs with assurance that the mailing list will never be published and will never be available to any third party. The only exception would be the extremely unlikely case of judicial compulsion (i.e. a subpoena).

FDA Matters will observe a strict “opt-in” policy. If you don’t ask for blog postings, they will not be sent to you. If there are information or services that might interest you, there will be a notice on the site (or in a blog) with directions on how to “opt-in” to receive it.

In posting comments to the site, you may use a “web name” as an alternative to your own name or e-mail address. You will have provided this when the registraton form asks for your user name. On the same form, you will need to provide FDA Matters with your real name and e-mail address. This is the only way that rules of civil discourse can be enforced. Names and addresses provided in this manner are confidential.

By posting comments or submitting materials, you give us permission to publish, edit or distribute them. If you do not specify that you want the comments or materials to be attributed to you, we may use them, without restriction and without attribution.

FDA Matters provides a forum for a wide diversity of views to be expressed in a professional manner. This does not preclude dissent or strong feelings; indeed, they are encouraged. However, rudeness and personal attacks will not be tolerated. Individuals engaged in repetitive postings and other inappropriate behaviors will be warned, then excluded from posting to this site.

I take these policies very seriously. If you have questions or comments, please send them to sgrossman@fdamatters.com.


May 2009

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